Au-delà du Réel 4.0

Au-delà du Réel 4.0

Dominique Hudon
Content Creator | OVA
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Last month, we had the opportunity to present at the online technological gathering, "Au-delà du Réel 4.0 : La réalité à l’ère du virtuel", in partnership with Desjardins.

This virtual event is one of the many activities organized by Desjardins Lab, the cooperative's innovation laboratory. In pursuit of innovation regarding education, prototyping, design, and so on, the Lab inspires its members to think big and outside the box, while providing them with the latest technological discoveries.

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Here at OVA, we believe in democratizing 3D content creation, its applications being virtually endless — and the experience we presented, created especially for the event, demonstrates this idea. It highlights our capabilities, but above all, the capabilities of our StellarX platform: an AI-enabled immersive sandbox, where non-programmers can develop their own virtual environments from A to Z.

Some 110 participants were brought from one environment to another through virtual portals, discovering, step by step, the immense potential of spatial computing. Let's walk through it again, together...


On-site Training

The first portal takes us to the Officier360 environment, designed in partnership with Tactik360.


Officier360 is a completely virtual collaborative experience that allows firefighter teams to train in realistic simulated environments. As it turns out, VR proves to be a safer, more accessible, and more cost-effective way to train than real-life simulations. In addition to improving the accessibility of training sessions, the implementation of this project has enabled firefighters to significantly improve their responsive efficiency and team collaboration. 🚒

Read the full Real Story to learn more about this project!


Health and Wellness

The next portal drops us off on a deserted island situated in the middle of the vast ocean, in a contemplative and utterly relaxing atmosphere.


This project, carried out in partnership with ellicom / LCI LX and Northwell Health, was aimed at reducing the symptoms of stress and burnout in the healthcare sector. Three fully customizable immersive experiences, combining guided meditation and Virtual Reality, were provided to healthcare practitioners so that they could test them out in the field. 🌊

To read the full Real Story, shimmy on over this way!

We also studied the mental and physical effects of this experience on the cognitive flexibility and capacity, motivation, and well-being of participants through a collaborative study. As it turns out, the simple act of putting a headset on, and being able to escape to a whole other reality, proves to be a great way for healthcare professionals to loosen up when the pressure reaches unbearable highs...


Identification and Tracking

This leads us to a humble and cozy residence... with everything being duly labelled!


The labels featured on the building allow us to easily identify the building materials: windows, insulation, framework... This concept can be particularly useful in the insurance field, where representatives must follow a material identification training. What could be more engaging than being able to practice concretely, directly on site? This is what Virtual Reality, or even Augmented Reality, allow us to achieve! 📐


Virtual Assistance

Finally, our last stop: a quaint, outdoors, fireside gathering of friendly characters.  


Here, we are tackling the integration of an AI-powered virtual assistant within any simulated environment. Machine learning can indeed be used to simplify the creation process from start to finish: co-creation, personalized suggestions, speech recognition, object identification... The user can let the assistant take care of tedious tasks, while he focuses on what’s really important: creation. 👤

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That pretty much sums up our virtual event!

But that's just the tip of the iceberg; with immersive technologies, anything is possible. Whoever you are, whatever your skill set may be, StellarX can certainly make your life easier, one way or the other.

Curious? Contact us, or schedule a meeting so that we can discuss your needs! We are overflowing with innovation... and we want to pass some of it forward. ✨

Interested in watching the full "Au-delà du Réel 4.0" experience? Well, you’re in luck : it’s available right here!

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