OVA Awarded $1.2M by Royal Canadian Navy

OVA Awarded $1.2M by Royal Canadian Navy

Tim Purdy
VP of Client Solutions Canada / U.S. | OVA
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OVA Awarded $1.2M for Creating Interactive Digital Twin of Marine Systems within their Metaverse Builder, StellarX

Montreal, QUEBEC, January 25, 2022
OVA is pleased to announce that they have been awarded $1.2 million for a contract from the Royal Canadian Navy’s Naval Training and Development Centre (Pacific) through the Innovative Solutions Canada program. Following on the heels of their previous $1.1 Million contract with RCN (2020), this project was initiated in Q2 2021 and will be completed by Q4 2022. OVA’s Virtual and Augmented Reality platform, StellarX (also available on desktop), will assist the naval community to develop training curriculum for recruits and existing ship staff. Maintenance knowledge for preventive actions and corrective repairs will be provided through immersive scenarios and remote assistance capabilities. This will progress the Navy’s digital transformation goals by providing much greater accessibility to training material and expert knowledge, enabling near hands-on experiences that are otherwise costly and logistically complex. 

Figure 1: Digital Replication of Halifax-class Frigate Main Deck and Anchor Handling Activity
(OVA’s $1.1M contract, BCIP, 2020)

Furthermore, StellarX is a Single Synthetic Environment enabling several integrated activities. The RCN can benefit through the inherent collaboration opportunities for their other operations including design reviews, engineering changes, work instructions, and visual communications / confirmations with vendors and suppliers.

Comments from OVA

Harold Dumur, OVA’s Co-Founder and CEO
 “Accessing the metaverse is often complex for big organizations. The process for building tailored virtual worlds is convoluted. This project will revolutionize this by democratizing the metaverse. With our StellarX software, all naval personnel, even those with no coding or programming experience, will be able to create their own metaverse training scenarios. This is a paradigm shift in the way that soldiers are being trained. It’s not about bringing the soldier to the field, but rather bringing the field to the soldier.

Tim Purdy, OVA’s VP Client Solutions, Canada & US

 “Digital transformation has become a necessity for industry and government alike. The advances in immersion technologies allow for significant cost savings over traditional training applications. Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences have found secure footing in Canada and are increasingly providing value to DND and Tier One suppliers. Beyond the development of tailored marine system maintenance activities, this project will help to showcase the limitless possibilities available from OVA’s ever-increasing metaverse toolset.”


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About OVA inc.

OVA’s core mission is to empower businesses and content creators with immersive technologies. They understand how valuable metaverse solutions can be and are striving to make them as accessible as possible through user-centered design thinking and artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements. Currently, the majority of metaverse content is developed by highly technical teams that have significant expertise with programming languages and professional 3D engines. The steep learning curve and difficulty to enter this field limits the amount and breadth of available content. Through OVA’s mission of democratizing the metaverse, they are enabling more and more people to come together to create new experiences, collaborate to solve difficult problems, share creative works/passions, and optimize business operations.

A focus in digital transformation efforts to revolutionize clients’ business operations has guided OVA’s product offerings since their infancy in 2014. Since then, the team has grown significantly and consists of tech-creatives, futurist gamers, eclectic artists, and passionate storytellers. OVA’s flagship software, StellarX, allows those with no programming or coding knowledge to place 3D goods and create immersive experiences through simple drag-and-drop actions. Storytelling, which involves a series of interactions, sequences, and triggers, are easily created through OVA’s patent-pending visual scripting tool. StellarX is continuously improved by developing more features and integrating the latest tools. While there are potentially limitless applications, Spaces within StellarX are tailored specifically by each client to intuitively build the experience they are imagining for their customers. Collaboration is heightened as StellarX allows for multiple people to be engaged in the experience together (either through extended reality headsets or personal computers) regardless of their geographical location. Furthermore, situations that would otherwise be incredibly expensive, logistically complex, or contain sensitive information are made cost effective, potentially effortless, and secure through curated immersive environments and interactive content.


For further information, please contact:

Harold Dumur, CEO

David Carrier, Chief Financial Officer

Tim Purdy, VP Client Solutions

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