OVA… Who’s that?

OVA… Who’s that?

Immersion for all
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Hello there, nice to meet you! 🙋‍♀️

We’re OVA, a friendly bunch of techies, futurist gamers, wide-eyed artists, and passionate storytellers. With the help of our awesome partners, we help individuals across various industries transform with Spatial Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and XR. 

We're on a mission: we want to make immersive experiences accessible
to anybody and everybody. 

These past years, we’ve worked on great projects for clients such as Bombardier, the Royal Canadian Navy, Hydro-Québec, Ville de Québec, and Tactik360, to name a few. Partnering with industry leaders such as HTC, Varjo, Alienware and ellicom / LCI LX has allowed us to make significant advances with cutting-edge technologies, and our collaborations with some of the best academic labs across Canada has led to some inspiring Research and Development projects. Such collaborative undertakings have earned us a solid place in the industry itself, along with some notable awards such as the highly coveted Brandon-Hall Excellence Award in the Technology category, an OCTAS Award for Best Startup, and more. 

Photo taken a few years back; the Oculus Touch Controllers were not released yet.

Throughout it all, we’ve travelled far and wide and connected with some amazing and inspiring individuals who have been instrumental in shaping our team, our product, as well as our business as a whole.   


Where it all began 💭

OVA was founded in February 2014 by our CEO, Harold Dumur, and our COO, Lucie Rivard. It first started as a business specialized in industrial engineering and software development, tackling challenges relevant to productivity, financing and training.

Then, one day, we began imagining how businesses could be transformed with immersive technologies. How amazing would it be to create engaging learning experiences, using Virtual and Augmented Reality? 

But there was a slight issue: developing these kinds of experiences using conventional engines was extremely complicated and time-consuming. 

Could there be a way to create immersive worlds intuitively, without the hustle? 

The idea lit a fire and, right away, the team embarked on a Spatial Computing journey. We were onto something. In 2015, development began, and StellarX, our powerful content creation tool, was born.


Looking forward

Today, StellarX empowers anyone, even non-coders, to bring their ideas to life with Extended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence. Create authentic training scenarios, visualize data like never before, prototype and iterate with interactive designs, simulate life-like situations in a safe environment, learn with hands-on immersive skill-building, optimize your business workflow, collaborate with anyone, from anywhere, at any time … and so much more! With StellarX, anything is possible. 

C’mon, let’s shape the future of XR together!

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