So, you want to work at an XR & AI startup?

So, you want to work at an XR & AI startup?

Harold Dumur
Founder & CEO | OVA
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Time and time again I get asked what’s it’s like to own, promote and work at a virtual reality-driven business. Over time, I’ve come to find that I can basically categorize most of those people into two very distinct categories: those who are completely clueless as to what virtual and augmented realities are, and those who work in the tech field and are looking to transition into the virtual realm. So, I thought our blog would be the perfect place to address what’s it’s really like to work in a virtual reality startup.


Here’s what you should know…


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable…

Because VR is such a new field, there’s no set rulebook that dictates how you should be doing your work. Although some may see this as an advantage, you’d be surprised to learn how unsettling it can be for certain people to set their own standards and boundaries. My advice: don’t be scared and go for it! Lead the way. Working in VR is a great opportunity to set industry standards and challenge the status quo.



Broaden your scope…

Virtual realities are more immersive than you probably even realize! It’s important that you understand how your work affects those interacting within these immersive experiences. This involves understanding game theory, zero interface concepts, as well as psychological, behavioral, and bodily-kinesthetic factors. Be sure to read up on all of these topics so that you can stay at the top of your game. There’s plenty of exploring to do and there are a million ways to get creative.



Don’t be afraid of failure…

As I mentioned above, virtual and augmented reality development and design is a relatively new concept, so there’s no step-by-step manual to figuring it all out. Besides, if you’re looking to innovate, you’ve got to do things a little differently and you sure as hell can’t be afraid to try new things. Sure, they might not all work, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know. As a CEO, I like to surround myself with creators and innovators. I’m not really a fan of cookie-cutter executors. I like being around people who look beyond the limits. That’s what really inspires me!



Play, play, and play some more…

Now, I’m not saying we play on the job… but, in a way, we kind of do. Whether it’s Design, QA, Development, or another position, I encourage anybody who’s interested in the field to play with the various existing platforms. There’s no better way to understand virtual experiences than to give them a try first-hand. If you’re planning to build and create these immersive spaces, you’ve got to feel what the user experience is like from beginning to end. So, get out there and play!



Have fun with it…

The most important element to consider when joining any team is happiness! If you’re not having fun at work, you should find another job! At OVA, we work really hard, but we always carve time out for ourselves. Whether it’s business and beer meetings, game nights, or drawing on walls, we know how to kick back and enjoy ourselves.


By the way, we actually happen to be … (Just sayin’… 😉)

So, if you check all of the boxes above and are looking for an awesome job at a virtual reality startup, hit us up!

And, if you happen to know somebody who might be interested in joining our team or somebody who’s mad into VR/AR, share this article with them and our team will be eternally grateful! 🙃

Now, that’s all for today, but be sure to keep an eye out for my next articles. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


Harold Dumur — CEO, OVA

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