StellarX Pro Release

StellarX Pro Release

Immersion for all
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The concept of a metaverse has been slowly gaining traction for a while now. But Facebook’s
recent announcement to create its own metaverse has kicked things into overdrive. The idea of
a metaverse has been around for quite a while.
Sci-Fi books and movies like Ready Player One showcase the potential a metaverse could
have, and how they could ultimately change the future. So what exactly is a metaverse, and
how does StellarX Pro allow users to take advantage of this big trend?

Metaverse - What is it? 🤔

A metaverse is essentially a virtual universe with countless applications and use-cases. From
online socializing to virtual workspaces, the metaverse can be a wide variety of things. That’s
because a metaverse operates exactly how it’s developed to act. It’s a virtual space that its
users can mold and interact with.

Many video games nowadays are similar to metaverses in the sense that gamers can explore
another world and interact with other players. There are also blockchain-specific metaverses
that deal with virtual land, digital assets, and cryptocurrency. The potential for metaverses is
limitless as it adds a whole new layer to the internet and how people can interact with each


StellarX, also known and described as “the metaverse builder” allows for anyone to enjoy the
benefits of building their own virtual and augmented reality, regardless of coding experience.
StellarX is simple to use since users can simply drag and drop certain blocks and create their
own world and alternate reality. Whether users simply want to escape from their lives or let their
imagination run wild by designing their own world, StellarX makes it possible.

StellarX is constantly improving and innovating, making the experience more user-friendly every
time. In its latest Pro release, StellarX has made several changes and added on to the already
amazing program:
 Possibility of space transfer

     Access to a web browser while using StellarX
    Revamped basecamp (the design has been changed to allow for easier access)
     StellarX account interface (different account payments have been actualized for better
       user experience)
     Two different pro accounts to choose from: education and business
StellarX Pro introduces these new features along with other improvements and optimizations.
This release signifies another step in StellarX’s mission to bring the metaverse to everyone,
allowing anyone to create and design their own virtual world.

Holiday Contest 🎄


Along with the release of StellarX Pro, we are excited to announce our holiday contest. The
contest encourages users to design their own Christmas-themed environment within StellarX.
Then, share your world by sending a picture or video to the contest email at

Three prizes will be given to the winners 🏆

    First Place: A one-year StellarX Professional subscription and free access to
Masterclass for a year.
     Second Place: A one-year StellarX Professional subscription
     Third Place: Free access to the Masterclass for a year.

Final words

If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore StellarX, now is the perfect time! With the launch of
StellarX Pro, users have access to more features than ever before. Additionally, you can
participate in the holiday contest and win a year subscription for free!

So if you’re interested in seeing what all of the talk is about, StellarX is a great way to get
started in the metaverse. Check out StellarX Pro and test the limits of your imagination by
building your own metaverse!
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